"Beyond reality starts the real wondering, captured by unbridled imagination".


As long as I can remember , I am attracted to the unusual , the damaged , the weathered , the destroyed and the rejected.

My work as a teacher in child psychiatry, my later career as an interior designer and my contemporary artistry , have one common denominator : unraveling the  character , the sources and the values of inner beauty .

My strength is that I work intuitively, spontaneously and improvising, unobstructed by rules and laws. My photography is experimental.

For me, it's all about dedication, not sharpness and similarly not the type of camera.

I experience the beauty of the fragile , the damaged , the weathered and the rejected.

I prefer the weak above the strong , the losers above the winners.

The surfaces I experience in our reality , form a thin film that filters many worlds.
What intrigues me are the images that are hidden and what they reveal.


Therefore I will unmask, analyze, disarm, untangle and discover until an image manifests itself that compels humility.

Then I realize what it is, embracing the power of the hidden.

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